Manifesting Wellbeing Box

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Amethyst Geode – (Purple)

One of our favourite healing powers of amethyst geodes is their ability to transform negative energy into the beautiful energy of love. This takes the emotional charge and tension out of any space. Amethyst also protects people and spaces against psychic attack, and it absorbs electromagnetic stress caused by power lines and electronics. This Healing Crystal is a natural tranquiliser, relives stress it dispels anger and anxiety and can help alleviate sadness and grief, and dissolves Negativity - Use this Crystal for pointing you in the right direction to manifest your desires

Rose Quartz – (Pink)

This Crystal is of universal and unconditional Love. Love can come in so many forms love in a relationship or for friends and family or in a form of learning to love yourself. This Crystal Healing property connects with the heart and will guide you to deepen relationships with others and yourself – Use this Crystal to manifest Love.

Selenite – (Long Clear Stick)

This Crystal is about Purification and has a high Vibration. It is an Energy Muse Clearing the negative energy and making way for positive energy it is one of the most important Crystals because it clears Energy Blockage by purifying, cleansing and uplifting. (Use this Crystal to charge any Crystal by putting any crystal on top of it ).  This Crystal is so special It never needs to be cleansed it does not retain inner energy from other people and attracts divine protection

Clear Quartz

This is also known as Rock Crystal it is colourless and is the Amplifier of the crystal world. This Crystal Amplifies energy and thought and brings the body into balance. As this is the crystal to aid thought, use this while visualising your wants – Use this Crystal to manifest your goals or anything and everything. 

Holy Wood – Palo Santo (Incense Stick)

Holy Wood (Palo Santo) is native to Peru and other South American Countries for thousands of years the wood Resin and oil has been used for Medicinal Purposes including treatment of Pain and stress and even most importantly to clear Negative energies. – Burn this stick using a candle (rotating slowly letting burn for 30 sec or until burns out) then sit with smoke around your crystals and your home – For Manifesting say your intentions aloud or quietly visualising what you want. May this smoke give you all your goals and desires.

Sage Incense

There are so many benefits of Sage like stress relief and even better sleep quality. Sage cleanses a space and can charge objects. It has such an uplifting fragrance.  Use the smoke of the incense in a clockwise action of your home to end up back where you started to cleanse your space of negative energies. Dispel negative energy