Meditation Wellbeing Box

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Smile Empowerment - Meditation Box

Have you seen the Smile Wellbeing - Mediation box yet?
Taking 30 minutes out everyday has become so important to me. Im a over thinker I think about thinking but once all the noise goes there is calm and that calm is bliss!
We all deserve inner peace and In the smile empowerment box you will find everything you need to mindfully re centre and re charge.

The pure white light vibration of this stone is  amplified during meditation and elevates the conscious mind, for some even claiming to access  realms beyond the third dimension. Selenite brings clarity of mind, access to angelic consciousness, past lives, detachment of entities and mental clarity to reveal core issues to difficult situations.

Selenite is one of the most powerful crystals and properties can re charge other crystals

amethyst crystal to help you relax, clear your mind and connect to the divine within. Amethyst is said to possess many spiritual properties and has been used for centuries by mystics in sacred ceremonies and in meditation.
* Promotes serenity, clarity and calms anxious thoughts. Allowing you to reach a deep, peaceful meditative state, faster and easier.
* Enhances intuition and connection to the divine.
* Supports and re-enforces you in manifesting your intentions.

SAGE SMUDGE STICK included to smudge your space

Abalone shell harness the power of the ocean to install you and your atmosphere
With Calm , healing energy anything from the sea will naturally evoke tranquility. Abalone symbolises patience, love , compassion and calm
During times of smudging can be grounding
You can smudge for a variety of reasons
- [ ] To lift Anxiety and depression
- [ ] Purification of negative or evil energy
- [ ] Stimulate creativity and inspiration
- [ ] Reconnect
- [ ] Create harmony with inside to outside